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Affiliate and Partner Programs

Paixao Fruit Beachwear & Sportswear

Paixao Fruit Beachwear & Sportswear is always looking for affiliates and partners

We offer 2 different types of Collaboration which can bring You and Us extra income without any hassle ~ We are Beach Lovers and seek sunrises and opportunities!

Paixao Fruit Beachwear affiliate and partner program.png
Paixao Fruit Beachwear affiliate and partner program.png


We are looking for affiliates in Malta!

How does our Affiliate program work?

- You visit our store and create content about our products

- You receive a personalized trackable link that you add to your content from us and a bonus code for your clients

- You share the content on other social media and websites

- Customers click on the link or use your code in our store and get a 10% discount

- You will be able to track your conversion and sales anytime

- The link is valid until the product is sold out

- You will receive a monthly payout

Paixao Fruit Business Partners.png


Are you a Business Owner and would like to add Swimwear to your Stock, look no further we can support you there!

- We provide you with an initial small inventory ( which can be increased over time) for no cost

- You provide us with a small space in your business and are responsible for the sales

- We refill your stock

- We cross-promote your store 

Paixao Fruit Business Partners.png
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